ESCgov helps Tech companies and Value-added Resellers navigate the government procurement process and accelerate sales in the public-sector market.

Whether large or small, emerging or mature, pre-IPO or post-IPO, all of our IT partners are pursuing aggressive growth through ever-increasing quarterly sales targets. The pressure to perform is palpable — but satisfying the government’s appetite for technology carries substantial challenges, including:

  • Time – the government’s planning cycle is long; you’re in a hurry.
  • Budget – most of the government money being spent today is already allocated to something else; the government may need what you offer; but, may only be able to purchase it in agonizingly small chunks over way too much time.
  • Terms – the government is moving toward cloud- and service-based IT consumption; you might prefer cash sales and transfer of title, with clean revenue recognition.

Before engaging ESCgov, many of our IT partners attempted to sell around these challenges on their own.

Without ESCgov

Time pressures led to overly aggressive sales encounters

Budget constraints led to unhealthy discounting practices

Unfavorable terms of sale led to deals lost or accepted on terms that jeopardize revenue recognition

With ESCgov

✅ Large requirements are sold up front, leveraging discounts for the government while keeping revenue recognition in the current year. ESCgov pays the IT partner up front while structuring option payments for the government, consistent with Federal Acquisition Regulations.

✅ Option payments are structured to respect currently available government funding, the anticipation of future annual appropriations, and an understanding of the government’s on-going requirement for the technology.

✅ Whether the government requires a purchase, lease, subscription service, private cloud, or performance-based structure, ESCgov makes it possible to close IT sales that preserve up-front revenue.