ESCgov Private Cloud FAQs

A purpose-built ESCgov Private Cloud is based on your specific requirements, and therefore may be as large as a datacenter or as small as a software application.

You can install it on-site or deploy it at the edge – on land, at sea, or in space. ESCgov also offers colocation services with both Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and FedRAMP compliance.

Nope! Many of our customers begin with a small footprint and add additional scope over time.

Public sector agencies contract on the basis of annual appropriations, and do not make contractual commitments beyond the current fiscal year. ESCgov offers private cloud service with base and option year pricing, giving customers the ability to discontinue contracts, and scale up and down within any contract year.

Operational funds are most commonly used for private cloud service. This gives customers the ability to avoid large capital outlays, often reprogramming maintenance budgets to upgrade legacy systems to a private cloud.

Firm fixed price. ESCgov pricing is based on a monthly fixed price for each unit of storage, compute, network or software capacity that is provisioned by the user. Pricing may also rely on the customer’s internal cost allocation metrics (cost per customer served, per document processed, per vehicle scanned, etc.)

ESCgov offers a standard Capacity Service Agreement for Federal customers, which may be adopted and tailored based on unique customer requirements.

In some cases, customers initiate a private cloud service by reprogramming operational dollars that would otherwise pay for maintenance of the legacy system.

In most cases customers (or customer-designated contractors) maintain operational control of their environment in order to enhance security and control. ESCgov provides an asset-centric private-cloud service consisting of monthly access to equipment, software and OEM maintenance.

Yes. Some customers choose to pay annually, quarterly, or apply funds incrementally depending on their budgetary procedures and preferences.

Yes. Contact to request a budgetary estimate.